I've been hacking away at computers and software for more than 15 years in various languages (yes even Fortran and x86 assembler) and different platforms.

I'm a Technical Pathfinder at Coolblue in the Netherlands where I help teams with technical challenges, look for new and interesting tech we can use and help shape the future of software development.

Nowadays I mostly code in C# but have been known to touch PHP and Javascript as well.

I love to share knowledge and give talks on subjects ranging from Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration / Delivery to resilience in distributed systems and NoSQL / polyglot persistence (and sometimes even about people!). Organising a conference or interested in what I can share with you? Get in touch via sander@codenizer.nl!

When I'm not working I run obstacle races with Team Catastroff, drive a Land Rover Defender through the mud and hack away at various things (see my GitHub page).

Most of my free time however goes to volunteering for the Kinder Vakantie Spelen foundation in my hometown of Spijkenisse.